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Environment Protection Fund

About EPF

Environment Protection Fund


The Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) was established in 2005 as a financially autonomous organization to strengthen environmental protection, sustainable natural resources management, biodiversity conservation and community development in Lao PDR.

Organizational Structure

The EPF consists of:

(1) The Board of Directors, and (2) The Executive Office.

The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility of effectively promoting and achieving the overall objective of the EPF. The board consists of representatives of line-ministries, mass organizations, local authorities, trade and industry council, research institutes and civil society. The Executive Office (EO) implements the daily operations, management and administration of the EPF. The EPFO headed by an Executive Director appointed by the Board, managing a Financial and Administrative unit, a Sub-Projects Operations unit, a Public Information unit, and a Monitoring and Evaluation unit.


Potential sources of capital and income to the EPF are from:
  • Grants and loans from domestic and foreign entities,
  • Government budget,
  • Development projects and other activities,
  • Contribution from business and person entities,
  • Interest or benefits accrued from investing the EPF endowment.
The EPF provides financial support by means of: non-refundable grants, preferential loans, interest rate subsidies, or a combination of these. The resources of the EPF shall only be used to finance regular and recurrent expenses of ministries, departments, agencies and any other public or private organizations and entities receiving financial support from the EPF, where these expenses relate directly to the implementation of Eligible Activities. Any person, commercial entities, government organizations or civil society entities are eligible to apply for EPF financial support. Eligible Activities shall be consistent with this Decree of the Environmental Protection Fund. EPF shall not provide any forms of support to any project developers towards the financing of costs for mitigating or compensating environmental and social impacts of that project, unless where it is an Eligible Activity. The EPF ensures proper dissemination of information pertaining to its activities and operations, list of projects and activities that have received EPF financial support and annual reports of the annual financial statements in both Lao and English through appropriate information technology systems.