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Environment Protection Fund

Board Members

Composition of the BOD

The BOD comprised of a Chairperson, two Vice-Chairpersons and 6 members as follows:

  1. Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, The Chairperson
  2. Vice-Minister of Finance, Vice-Chairperson
  3. Vice-Minister of Energy and Mines, Vice-Chairperson
  4. Vice-Minister Natural Resources and Environment, Vice-Chairperson
  5. Vice-Minister of Planning and Investment, member
  6. Vice-Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, member
  7. Vice-Minister of Industry and Commerce, member
  8. Vice-Minister of Education and Sports, member
  9. Vice-President of the Lao Front for National Construction, member
  10. Vice President of Lao Women Union, member
  11. Vice President of Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Member