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Environment Protection Fund

Lao Wildlife Enforcement Network (Lao-WEN) Consultation and Lessons Exchange Workshop

May 12, 2017 Lao-WEN held its second consultation meeting in Vientiane Plaza hotel, Vientiane Capital. The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Khamphout Phandanouvong, Director General of Forestry Inspection (DOFI), who is also a chairman for Lao-WEN, and Ms. Bounphama Phothisan, Deputy Executive Director of the Environment Protection Fund (EPF). Three month progress, achievements, challenges were presented by enforcement agencies. The projects have been funded under the Second Lao Environment and Social Project (LENS2). Furthermore, all agencies also went through their 2017 work plans. A number of challenges in implementing law enforcement activities were raised and widely discussed for seeking ways to  address the challenges. This joint effort is to ensure high effectiveness of combating illegal wildlife trade and trafficking. There are 36 participants, of which 6 are female representing the following Departments and Divisions; namely, Department of Forest Inspection, four Provincial Offices of Forest Inspection (Vientiane Capital, Khammouan, Bolikhamxay and Huaphanh), Department of Combating Natural Resources and Environmental Crime (DCNEC), Department of Customs, Department of Public Relations (PMO). Other concerned enforcement projects were also invited and presented their key activities to this workshop such as SUFORD-SU, ICBF, CliPAD, WWF and WCS.